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Thursday, 19 July 2012

The shed grows

The main outbuilding's wall frames are almost built and its size begins to become apparent.   The picture is a bit confusing as some of the permanent uprights have temporary supports holding them in place.   The three uprights to the right are massive oak beams, set in concrete for us by builders Kilburn and Johnson.   Richard, Carl and their team are being very helpful indeed with items like these as they crop up.   They also brought their fancy laser machine to ensure that the building will be dead level.

Rumours are flying round Settle about the purpose of the building.   A glance at the planning notice on any nearby lamp post would explain.   Among the rumours we have heard are that it is to be an engine shed, a vistors centre or a mosque.   One thing is for sure it will be a fine structure that will blend very nicely with the tower. 
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