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Friday, 25 May 2012

We have a bridge - and some seedlings

Posted by PicasaThe collage (click to enlarge) shows the almost finished bridge from the annex rear door to the top of the embankment.   It was going to have metal railings but we used the tank rod ends as fixing pins for the garden soil boards (bottom right).   They look fine there - functional yet characterful.

The bridge has wooden railings, in keeping with the railings elsewhere in the garden.

Notice that the lawn at the top of the embankment is greening up.   Seedlings are also germinating on the very poor clay soil on the north western aspect of the knoll - see centre lower picture.   These were a gift from Booth supermarket for Settle in Bloom 2012.   They were scattered on a 'hope for the best' basis about a month ago.   Watch this space.

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