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Monday, 28 May 2012

The Appleby workshop hits the road

Today was a day of serious logistics - collecting the components of the demolished Network Rail workshop from Appleby and transporting it all to Settle.   This was a carefully choreographed operation between some seriously big lorries of Network Rail and Settle Coal.
Click the collage to view.   Clockwise from top left we see Network Rail's Tony Taylor and his lorry, loaded with the roof A frames.   The large picture shows Settle Coal's Brian Thornton with the rest of the timber components on a seriously big lorry.   The lashings were checked on the A66 before we hit the M6.

The small picture bottom middle shows Tony Taylor holding one of the iron door hinges from the hut.   He is a big bloke but the hinge is taller than he is.

Now the head scratching begins at Settle as we assess what we can do with what we have now got.   Hopefully we can transform an Appleby eyesore into something that is easy on the eye and functional here at Settle.

Special thanks to Network Rail for donating the building to our project, thus saving another large piece of Settle-Carlisle heritage.Posted by Picasa

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