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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Descendant of one of the stonemasons on the note

This morning I had a visit from a lovely lady named Joyce Ridd. Joyce had seen the Restoration Man programme and had caught a glimpse of the note that had been left by the workers who built the stables inside the tower in May 1939. Replaying a recording of the programme and using the freeze frame facility she saw listed among the five names was G. Ridd. Joyce's grandfather was George Edward Ridd. He died before Joyce was born but family folklore has it that George Ridd worked as a stonemason on the Settle-Carlisle railway. It is highly likely that the G. Ridd on the note in the time capsule was Joyce's grandfather George. The picture shows Joyce holding a photograph of the note, alongside the very wall where the note was found.

Here is a photograph of the note. The original is at this minute in London with Tiger Aspect but will be back in Settle in a week or so.
Joyce plans to return later in the year to see it. Maybe there is a photograph of George Ridd in the family records?
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