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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Waiting for the programme

Today has been a day of ups and downs.   Steve Coak, MD of Evo Lifts (ups and downs - geddit?) visited and we have done a very thorough measure-up along with steel fabricator Mark Lawson.   We can see our way clear to having a lift by the end of March if it is still affordable.

This afternoon came the unwelcome news from Craven District Council that the form I had returned to them was the wrong one!   They had sent it to me to fill in dammit.   Not only that they want another £175 from us and the correct form in addition to the £85 already sent to them.    We may just give in, j.f.d.i. and go about the business of living our lives in our home.

More positively, Restoration Man assistant producer Tom Cullum rang to say he had seen the finished programme and thinks we shall be pleased with it.

It seems that the entire population of Settle knows about the programme tomorrow.   That won't half boost the viewing figures.    A chap called by this afternoon and said "Is this the place what's on't'telly tomorrow?"
I said it was.   "Are you't man what's t'owner?"  I admitted it.   "Well done lad.   Bloody fantastic!"

Let's see.

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